where to begin…

I’ve been back from Stillwater for almost three full days and I’m still not sure how to relate how utterly deflated I am after witnessing the colossal stinkbomb masquerading as a football game that took place inside Boone Pickens Stadium.  I’m not ashamed to say I didn’t stick around for the whole thing.  Looking back, I’m a little surprised I stuck around for any of the second half at all.  By the time OSU reached 50 points, I wanted out of Stillwater, out of Oklahoma and out of any clothing that had a WSU logo.  It’s safe to say my first visit to Oklahoma left a taste in my mouth so bad, Listerine spiked with Everclear wouldn’t be able to cut through it.   

I was one of the unfortunate many that drank the kool-aid this off-season.  Ever since the final gun at the end of last year’s Apple Cup that benevolently put the 2009 Cougars out of their misery, Paul Wulff has been promising that this year’s team would be different.  Much improved.  A year bigger, a year stronger.  More athletic and with speed to burn.   And then, out of the gates into 2010…

…65-17.  Plop. 

I’m not going to go into detail or nitpick every mistake that was made.  I’m not an X’s & O’s guy, so I wouldn’t be able to do that with any credibility anyway.  What I did see on Saturday was a team that wasn’t prepared to play football.  They were unsure.  They were hesitant.  As soon as something went wrong, and it only took until the first play of the game for it to happen, every crimson clad fan packed into the corner of the visitor’s section (all 500 or so of us) hung their heads in disbelief as if to say, “not again…”

I want to make it very clear that I’m not writing these guys off just yet.  There was improvement in certain areas.  The special teams, minus the blocked punt, were solid.  The offensive line was able to provide decent protection for the QB’s.  A couple of young receivers emerged and made plays.  Hell, the Cougs even had the stones to fight back for a few minutes in the 2nd quarter and shifted the momentum, made a couple defensive stops and scored 10 unanswered points to cut the lead to a touchdown.  But those few bright spots are made nearly imperceptible by the same old outcome we’ve all endured the past three years. 

I know I advertised a recap or running diary of the trip, but there honestly isn’t much more that needs to be said.  Boone Pickens Stadium one of the nicest I’ve been in.  The people were very hospitable, we were able to set up a tailgate on some students’ lawn just a couple blocks from the stadium (across the street from the $5,000/year donor parking).  We met up with a few Coug fans on Friday night at the extremely overrated Eskimo Joe’s before finding the real college bars and mixing it up with the locals, had some great pre-game BBQ at a dive off Hall of Fame Ave…all in all I think we did an okay job experiencing the local flavor.   

To sum up after the first weekend, I signed on to be a Coug fan a long time ago and that’s not going to change.  I took it a step further this summer and agreed to contribute to this here blog in some kind of attempt to further show my support and to get others to do the same.  I understand how the mission of the Cougar Athletic Supporter will only get tougher if this season continues to slide down the pipes like the first game did.  But we’ll still be there at the B-Lot for every home game (OSU was my only away game this year) and we’ll still be welcoming anyone and everyone who wants to join us.


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