Donating Hoops season tickets – update

Self bump of the Cougar Athletic Support basketball season ticket donation drive. Read the original post here. Simply stated we are trying to get 12-15 people to purchase Basketball season tickets for 230$ and donate them all to local charities. We have a handful of people signed up, but need more to make this a reality.

A few folks have asked if they can donate 1/2 a season ticket (115$). I can match people up and I’ll work with the ticketing office to see if 2 people can call in and pay separately. Only 1 person will get TPS points. Send me an email and let me know that you want to donate 1/2 a season ticket and if you will only donate if you get the TPS points.

Talk to your friends and see if they will go in on half the ticket price.  You can pay upfront, get the TPS points and collect the money from your friend. Next year (I’d like to make this an annual thing) they can put up the money and get the TPS points.

or just donate the full season ticket yourself for 230$ and get the 1000 TPS points.

As you probably noticed B-Lot posted the armed forces day ticket drive for football. This sounds like a good idea for at least one thursday night game for our hoops ticket donations.

We can do this with your help. Feel free to share this with all your friends. We will be in the B-lot on saturday if you want to discuss this in person.


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