10\10\10 update

Here are a few snippets from the upcoming press release from WSUAF. I’ll add the link when it’s online – click here

The Washington State University Athletic Foundation announced a significant step towards the ultimate goal of 10,000 annual donors was made by Sunday’s October 10, 2010 benchmark date.  Through October 10, WSU Athletics counted 7,700 donors since the start of the 10/10/10 initiative one year prior, including over 500 new donors added to the fold since the new fiscal year began on July 1, 2010.

While we came up short of our goal, we have added 500 new donors since July 2010. That’s an increase of ~8% in less than 4 months. Think about that for a minute. With the current economy and state of our football program we are increasing our donor base. As Moos continues to make the rounds I expect that number to keep growing.

“Our annual giving campaign did not end on October 10th,” said Meyer.  “Every year presents a new opportunity for Cougar Nation to answer the challenge of funding our student-athlete endeavors, and our effort to lead the conference in support is only just beginning.  Cougars do not back down from a challenge, and this one is now front-and-center on a lot of our folks’ radar.  That’s a very positive thing for WSU Athletics.”

 Dan is right, when the Cougar Nation sees a challenge they step up. Let’s keep spreading the word and help the AF reach out to prospective donors.

Here are a few more snippets from the presser

 The total amount of financial aid awarded to 319 WSU student-athletes last fiscal year was more than $6.6 million.  This was offset by more than $2.6 million of private annual giving towards student-athlete support.  The gap between these figures is covered by Athletic Department operating expenses that would otherwise be directed toward department improvements.  With tuition increasing by 14 percent once again in this fiscal year, the 10/10/10 Initiative is attempting to narrow the scholarship gap between costs and donations.

Throughout the year, there are a multitude of ways in which the Athletic Foundation conducts outreach to donors.  Past donors will be solicited via an end-of-year mailing in December and through season ticket renewal mailings.  The Athletic Foundation solicits new pools of donors through the Call-a-Coug program, and through various other touches like email, fundraising events, and in-game promotion throughout the year.  Additionally, there are plans for a social networking campaign after the first of the year.

 A social networking campaign? I don’t think they are talking about Cougar Athletic Supporter on Facebook…..


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