bigger, better phase 3

We’ve been waiting to hear from Bill Moos and his plans for a while now. He has been talking for months about facility upgrades and putting phase III on hold. The wait is over, below is a letter he recently sent to donors who signed up for Phase III seats.

Early in 2011 Bill Moos will ask the Board of Regents to approve a plan to move Phase III to the south side, include updates to the press box and build a football only facility on the west side of the stadium. Everyone wins, phase III fans and the facility upgrade crowd. Bill Moos is doing what I expected him too, (not the upgrades per se) he is thinking big. And his actions are louder than his words.

All sports and student athletes will benefit from the facility upgrades and revenue generated by Phase III. Football will move into the new facility leaving more room and better facilities for all other sports.

President Floyd made a big investment in Cougar athletics when he hired Bill Moos. And now Bill Moos is making a big investment in Cougar Athletics. (~70 million).

It’s time for us to stop talking about our plans to support the program and start making big investments in our program. (big is a relative term based on your finances).

I wanted to write to get you up to speed regarding where we are with Phase III of the Martin Stadium project. After several months of careful consideration and discussions with a variety of people, I have recommended to the President and the Board of Regents that we consider the following:

  1. Go forward with the expansion of the stadium, but move the total plan to the south side. Not only would this be a more cost efficient approach, but also would enable us to address such concerns as access, inclement weather, parking and the overall aesthetic appeal of the facility. Suites, loge seating, club seats and a club room would still be a part of the plan. It would also allow us to construct a modern and efficient press box which was not included in the original concept.
  2. Build a football operations building in the west end zone that would house all aspects of the football program including locker room, weight room, equipment room, training room, meeting rooms, coaches’ offices, player’ lounge , and an entertainment area that would serve as the training table during the week and a VIP room on game days.

I trust you are aware that I am a strong advocate of facility enhancements and how they can improve our program in the area of student-athlete development and recruiting. I believe the only way we can become and stay competitive in the tough Pac-12 Conference is to invest in facilities in order to attract top talent. This project would be at the very core of that effort.

Please know that all you were assured of receiving in the original discussion would still be provided in the revise plan. I am hopeful that you will agree to participate as your willingness to stay involved is essential to our ability to proceed. Together we can ensure that not just football, but all of Cougar athletics is competitive and a source of pride for year to come


Bill Moos



2 Responses to “bigger, better phase 3”

  1. December 21, 2010 at 9:06 pm

    Yes the letter was sent out in late Nov. I’ve taking my time posting it. I’m a slacker.

    The point of this post isn’t really Phase III, the point is our Pres and AD are making big investments in *our* program. We need to follow suit.

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